Right or Wrong Direction?

Who can deny the joy it brings
When you found that special thing
You’re flying without wings

~ Flying Without Wings by Westlife

In life, everyone seeks that “special thing”. We go to great lengths to achieve it, and the joy when you’ve found what you were seeking makes it worth the struggle – it makes you free, it makes you “fly without wings”.

When you are actually passionate about something in life, you give your cent percent to achieve it. You become restless, you struggle every second of your living day to get what you desire, hoping that one day you’ll get what you want. And, that’s when you turn your “want” into your “need”.

But what if you’re going in the wrong direction? What if you’re trying to find something meaningful in a place that has no hint of happiness to offer?

Well, I’m being pessimistic here but sometimes you know it is meaningless, you know nothing will come out of it, but still you strive, still you give your cent percent, still you put all your hope into it, being optimistic that the universe will be at your side. You’re hoping for the best. But at the end when you’re deprived of your “need” (which you already knew given your circumstances), life becomes a burden. The journey of life itself becomes futile. Depressed, you begin to think and overthink life’s true meaning and purpose, spiraling into a void that many people call an “existential crisis” making you not want to live anymore.

This may sound extreme but its not uncommon. A depressed person may seem fine – laughing, enjoying, living in the moment, wearing a smile on their face when something is killing them from within. If you’re going through something like this, do not hold back. You need to speak out. Reach out to your close friends, relatives, someone you can lean on. The earlier this state is addressed and taken care of, the better it is for those affected.

Existential crisis is not a joke and should not be taken as one.


Kahin… (Somewhere…)

Kahin dhoop thandi-thandi
Kahin chhaanv jal rahi hai
Kahin roshni mein andhera
Kahin shaam dhal rahi hai
Lab hai ruke huye, lafz nahi beh rahe
Dil mein hai sab chhupa, saare gham seh rahe
Kahin aankhon mein nami
Kahin khamoshi khal rahi hai
Kahin chehre pe hasi
Kahin jaan nikal rahi hai

Somewhere there’s a cold sunlight
Somewhere there’s a burning shade
Somewhere there’s darkness in brilliance
Somewhere the sun rays fade
Lips stay unmoved, words cease to flow
Everything is hidden in my heart, suffering all the sorrow
Somewhere my eyes are moist
Somewhere silence is disturbing
Somewhere a smile on my face
Somewhere I give up living

“Thou Shall Not Abuse”

I want to Xerox that page.

Sounds fine, right? But what most people don’t understand it is that it isn’t technically correct. It is the same as saying “I want to Britannia that biscuit.” Now can you see how ridiculous it sounds?

English may not be the primitive language of the human race but it is the most widely spoken and official language in the world today. But there are some words that we have introduced as per our convenience that has changed the way we communicate. We have abused English in many ways giving rise to numerous misnomers that seem to haunt the integrity of the language.

To the ones who are still lost, let me break it down to you. The correct statement here would be “I want to photocopy that page.” Xerox is merely the first company to have come up with the concept and implementation of photocopying. You cannot Xerox that page. You can photocopy it.

Another interesting case was when I overheard a man pointing to a Mahindra Scorpio and telling his child “Look! It’s a jeep.” Well, you are so very wrong mister! This is analogous to the case I discussed before. Jeep is the pioneer for constructing off-roadie vehicles. Not every off-road vehicle is a jeep!

Enormous numbers of words are being added to the English dictionary nowadays – selfies, tweeting and too many to jot down.

Now, let us consider a classic example – Google. The world runs on it. Apart from the fact that nearly 75% people in the world use it to check if their Internet is working or not, it handles billions of searches per second all over the planet. Google has become so very popular in today’s technology driven world that we tend to use it everywhere.

I cannot find that article.

Google it!

It may sound absolutely normal to you today but believe me that this word was not present in the English dictionary 25 years ago. We were so used to using this word that the entire human race was familiar with it. And thus it made its way into the dictionary and into our lives. This is how we live the verbal part of our life as per our convenience and understanding.

These are just a few examples from our daily lives that we come across every single day. If you sit and think about this or discuss this with your friends and colleagues, I’m sure you will come up with a list of such things. But tomorrow, you will make the same mistake again. I know. We are all used to it. Why waste our time trying to be grammatically and technically correct when the person at the receiving end can interpret exactly what we are trying to convey! In any case, the purpose and essence of communication has been achieved.

Spare Us..

04/30/2014          2018 HRS           Mumbai, INDIA

Sitting in a video conference room now. But no video conference taking place. Its been nearly 50 minutes that people have been speaking on the other end of the phone line. I am sitting in the front.. I don’t know why! The ambient lighting is singing me a lullaby with the cool air from the AC providing the mellifluous background music. Nearly 2.4 million words have been exchanged but I must have heard around 24. I am at my best acting display trying to make everyone believe that I am interested in this meeting more than NaMo is interested in coming to power. As I write this, time doesn’t seem to be supportive, rather its trying to challenge me to a game of patience.

As I glance around the room, I can see my colleagues trying to stay awake. One of them has even carried a ball with him to make this meeting less boring (I’m sure making it interesting is beyond the capabilities of the human race). But unfortunately the ball is not helping in any way. My situation is currently that of a schoolboy who is looking forward to the school peon ringing the bell so that he can free himself from the shackles of boredom into a world of freedom and independence. The allotted time for the meeting has already passed and the faces of my colleagues are starting to display signs of fatigue on being enslaved. The instruments in the room also seem to be bored of us.

Apparently, “Thanks” has been said but they wont stop the meeting. Why would they??!! Feedback and experience is being asked. More voices on the speaker, more data being transmitted and more energy being wasted. The postures of everyone have transformed from a vertical ergonomic position to a more horizontal orientation. In all of this setting, the ball is the only lucky entity in this confined conference room as it has successfully made its way from the hands of my colleague to freedom and independence. Now, the host of the meeting is also annoyed as can be sensed from his voice – signs of surrender. The meeting is finally coming to an end and so is this.

Signing off for now!

– SANIL : 2042 HRS

Please Don’t Wake Me Up…

Unhappiness is everywhere
The world doesn’t seem to care
I feel lonely.. without you

I want to sleep and get lost
Please don’t rake me up
Let me live in my dreams
Please don’t wake me up

In this darkness I can barely see
I don’t think I know how I used to be
I feel shattered.. without you

I want to be with you and laugh
Please don’t rake me up
Let me live in my dreams
Please don’t wake me up

I will never be with you, and that’s unfair
My dreams are a way to take me there
I feel worthless.. without you

I want to see you smile forever
Please don’t rake me up
Let me live in my dreams
Please don’t wake me up